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Wassily Designer Chair in black


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In-Room Delivery

All items can be delivered into your home. We will also take out your old furniture with us - full circle!

Curated Product Portfolio

We offer a wide selection of handpicked quality-checked secondhand furniture. FENYX is designed to help you find the perfect pieces tailored to your style.

Instant Returns

We want our customers to love their furniture. If you don't love what you ordered, you will have the chance to return an item upon delivery.

Quality Guarantee

All items are quality-checked by professionals. On top, we offer warranty and refurbishment services.


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“A hassle-free shopping experience”

Shopping for secondhand furniture is such a hassle on Kleinanzeigen, but I was so impressed with FENYX. I felt confident that I was getting a quality products, and I was so happy with my purchase. Good stuff!

Luisa A.

Bought a secondhand mirror & lamp with FENYX

“Finally easy secondhand furniture”

I have been living in Berlin for several years and it always took me weeks to get good secondhand furniture. From actually finding the stuff to transporting, FENYX takes all of that away. Super easy!

Felix G.

Bought a secondhand sofa with FENYX

"Convenience and quality at its best"

I was looking for a new sofa for my living room and found the perfect one on FENYX. I was so impressed by the convenience of having it delivered to my home and the quality-check that was done on the item.

Paula H.

Bought a secondhand sofa with FENYX

“Best Way to Shop Secondhand Furniture”

FENYX was a breeze to use, the shopping experience was great, and I felt secure knowing the chair was from a professional reseller and could return it if I wasn't happy with it. Highly recommended!

Jasper F.

Bought a secondhand sofa with FENYX

“Can't wait to use FENYX”

I can't wait to use FENYX to furnish my new apartment with some cool pieces. I talked to the team a while ago for a teaser of their inventory and I have to say I am impressed!

Nils L.

On the FENYX waitlist

Secondhand Furniture

Conscious appreciation of craftsmanship

We closely work together with selected resellers and experts to source and quality-check our secondhand furniture. Our pieces carry their own story and often have been painstakingly crafted by hand, with intricate details and a level of quality that can't be replicated. We cherish the individuality of each piece and the joy it brings to our homes.


What furniture do you sell on FENYX?

We sell a wide variety of secondhand furniture on FENYX, ranging from antique and vintage pieces to modern and contemporary designs. All of our pieces are carefully sourced and quality-checked by our team of experts and resellers, ensuring that each item is unique and of the highest quality. All of our items are sorted by style, so you can find make sure it fits your current home.

I have requested early access, what now?

We plan to launch our Shop exclusively to our waitlist subscribers by early 2023. The public won’t get to see our shop before March. Make sure to sign up now (link) to reserve your spot on our exclusive waitlist. This way, you will stay up to date and receive early access before others. Depending on your preference, we will also give some subscribers the opportunity to get sneak peeks and work together with the FENYX team to gather feedback.

Can I delete my Ebay Kleinanzeigen account?

For secondhand furniture shopping - yes! Do yourself something good and save yourself all the unpolite messages and transport hassle.

How do you ship furniture items to my home?

FENYX is responsible for ensuring that all purchases are insured and delivered securely. We use DHL to ship smaller items as postal packages, and work with a specialized furniture logistics partner to transport larger or more fragile items. You can trust that your purchase will be handled with care from start to finish. Most items will be shipped within seven days.

I ordered several items, will they be delivered together?  

Due to the fact that our furniture is sourced from multiple vendors, it is possible that items in your order may arrive at your address at different times. While we strive to consolidate shipments from various vendors in order to minimize our environmental impact, this may not always be possible. If all the items in your order are from the same vendor, they will be shipped together.

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