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FENYX° is the online marketplace to buy secondhand furniture easily. Furnishing our own homes is a wonderful, personal and inspiring thing. FENYX° brings together those who don't want to forgo this process while consuming sustainably with coveted sellers and makers of curated unique vintage and contemporary furniture.

The Problem

why secondhand furniture matters

A well-appointed home can certainly spark joy, but it also has a potential environmental downside: unless you find a new owner for those old furniture pieces, they’re likely to end up in a landfill.
The average person generates 34kg of clothing waste per year, but more than 35kg of furniture waste. Admittedly, furniture weighs a bit more than clothing, but while fast fashion has been in the lexicon of sustainability for some time now, we need to start talking about consuming furniture responsibly.

Hi there,

We are Artus, Lennart, Max and Vincent, co-founders of FENYX°.

The core to FENYX° is a fundamental problem that bugged us for years:

Living sustainably is almost always inconvenient, and more often than not, more expensive as well. Moving around a lot, we have all bought countless chairs, couches and beds. Either we went for fast furniture like IKEA, or struggled finding what we were looking for and transporting it after buying it from a friend.

Realizing how much of this furniture ends up in landfills even though it is in near perfect condition, we made it our mission to develop and scale a solution that makes buying secondhand furniture (at least) as convenient and enjoyable as buying first hand. In the past few months we have been working relentlessly and building a diverse and ambitious team to make this a reality.

We are excited to introduce the whole team to you very soon, but for now:

Join us at FENYX by making secondhand furniture your first choice!

Lennart Corleissen

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Artus Assmann

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Vincent Jahn

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Maximilian Meisel

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