Design trends that are making a comeback

Are you a fan of nostalgia? If so, you're in luck - because this year's hottest interior design trends are all about recycling. Everything old is new again.

From vintage-inspired color schemes to retro furniture styles, we're seeing a resurgence of some of our favorite design elements from the past. And, while it's exciting to see these trends make a comeback, it's important to remember that trend cycles can have negative impacts on the environment. So as you explore the latest design trends, don't forget to choose pieces that speak to your personal style and make you feel happiest at home - whether they're on-trend or not.

Now, let’s take a look at those trends making a comeback in 2023:

Rattan & Cane, enter the urban jungle!

Rattan and cane furniture have made a major comeback in recent years. These materials fall under the category of "wicker" and were popularized in the early 1900s and again in the 60s. With the infamous Peacock chair making an appearance on album covers across the musical spectrum. Today, we see this trend popping up in all of our favorite coastal, boho, eclectic, and “California casual” spaces.

The Peacock chair - a popculture icon.

Not only do these designs add a touch of vintage charm to your home, but they are also sustainable and environmentally friendly. Rattan is a fast-growing tropical wood that renews itself in only 5-7 years, and rattan furniture manufacturing is low-tech and doesn't require polluting production facilities.

From Hawaiian charm to Edwardian glamour, retro rattan furniture offers a touch of elegance and nostalgia that can transform any room. In fact, some of the mid-century modern designs from the Netherlands in the 1950s showcase a beautiful combination of rattan and metal that would look amazing in a modern home. So why not let these gorgeous materials into your home and add a touch of boho chic to your decor?

Pair of Vintage Steel & Rattan Armchairs by Dirk Van Sliedrecht

Retro-chic? More like mid-century magnifique.

Mid-century modern design is back with a vengeance and taking the interior design world by storm! With its sleek lines, functional appeal, and a nod to the past, it's no wonder this style has made a resurgence in recent years. Originally created in the post-World War II era, mid-century modern design captured the changing values and lifestyles of the time by creating comfortable and stylish furniture accessible to everyone.

Living for young homemakers magazine, 1985.Better homes and gardens magazine, 1955

But it's not just nostalgia driving this trend; mid-century modern design has a timeless appeal.  And with the rise of social media and the demand for secondhand furniture, mid-century modern is more accessible than ever.

Especially younger homeowners and renters are embracing the style's simplicity, sustainability, and affordability. Plus, the design's focus on functionality and minimalism appeals to anyone looking to simplify their lives and declutter their homes. With summer around the corner, it's the perfect time to embrace the trend and get started on some spring cleaning.

Mid-Century Architect Richard Neutra’s ‘Glen House’, Photo by Michal Biondo

‘Less is bore’, maximalism for the win!

Mid-century isn’t for you? Then maybe maximalism is. The once-beloved decor style has made a triumphant return and is reclaiming its spot as the ultimate expression of personality in the home. Minimalism may have once reigned supreme, but it's time to embrace the excessive and welcome maximalism back into our spaces with open arms.

Steph Wilsons’ maximalist apartment, photo by Steph Wilson

Gone are the days of "less is more." Maximalism is all about the art of the unexpected - bold color combinations, clashing patterns, and larger-than-life collections of objects. It's time to showcase your unique style and let your personality shine through. With the right curation, maximalist decor is easy to achieve in any space.

Let's be clear, maximalism doesn't equal mess. It's about creating a carefully curated space that is bursting with treasures and fascinating finds. Each item on display tells a story and adds to the overall charm of the space. It's like stepping into Aladdin's cave of wonders, where every corner holds a new and exciting surprise.

Josh and Matt Designs’ Melbourne Apartment, Photo by @joshandmattdesign on Instagram

The best part? Maximalism is taking social media by storm! Influencers like @joshandmattdesign are leading the way, showing us how to embrace this trend to the max. Are you ready to join the maximalist movement and curate a space that's uniquely you?