The TOGO Sofa: This 70s Design Staple is here to Stay

Get ready to kick back and relax in style! In the 70s, French designer Michel Ducaroy revolutionized the world of furniture with his iconic creation, the Togo sofa. Manufactured by Ligne Roset, this one-of-a-kind sofa seamlessly combines comfort and contemporary design, making it the perfect choice for anyone who loves to lounge in style. Ducaroy's vision of relaxation has stood the test of time, and the Togo continues to be a beloved classic, populating Instagram like no other furniture piece before it.

In 1973, the Togo sofa made its debut at the Salon des Arts Ménagers in Paris, showcasing a low-to-the-ground, dimpled, caterpillar-like design that defied traditional couch frames. This unconventional appearance made the Togo a celebrated and revolutionary piece of furniture. In recognition of its iconic yet affordable creation, it even won the prestigious Rene-Gabriel award.

Salon des Arts Ménagers, 1973, Paris.

With the sofa being a hit, manufacturer Ligne Roset placed complete faith in Ducaroy's vision, giving him the freedom to develop modular pieces that complemented the original Togo sofa. Soon, homeowners in the 1970s had access to a variety of configurations, including couches, ottomans, loveseats, and chairs, giving them the versatility they craved to create their own living room seating arrangements.

The Togo sofa's popularity continued to grow throughout the 70s and 80s, and it became a favorite of interior designers and design enthusiasts alike. Its distinctive appearance, with its bubbly shape and unique texture, made it a standout piece of furniture that could transform any room.

Vintage Togo sofa in beigeGreen vintage Togo sofas.

Over the years, Ligne Roset has continued to produce the Togo sofa in a range of colors and materials, making it a versatile piece that can be adapted to a variety of interior design styles. And thanks to its enduring popularity, the Togo sofa remains a beloved classic to this day, almost 50 years after it was first introduced.

White Togo sofas in Lenny Kravitz' apartment.A woman hanging over a Togo sofa.

Togo sofas in Lenny Kravitz' and Alizee Gamberini's apartment. Source: British Vogue

The enduring popularity of the Togo sofa makes it the perfect vintage piece to own. We have curated a fantastic collection of vintage Togo couches that can be easily reupholstered to your liking. If you're interested, feel free to send us a message!